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Connections & Loose Ties
We spend most of our time in a home of sorts, though geographical placement isn’t always homely. The idea of a home comes along with the pleasure of nostalgia & sometimes the pain of longing. Longing to either be back in a time that’s long past or be as far away from it as possible. Home, its a strange one isn’t it?
First we must define what feeling at home really means & how on earth we’ll ever find that place. Has home ever been a place, is it the people around you?
Finding Magic in the Everyday

I long for magic, I crave it in every piece of fiction I come across. Life is so plain & dull & stale & I want more. I want to be the protagonist that has some unfulfilled destiny or task I was born to do. I long for a higher purpose, for spells, for a disconnect from the things I hate, a connection to nature, magic. 


I want magic. 

I want it so bad I can feel it in my bones. 

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